• We are scientists and engineers having 25-35 years experience in the area of materials research and informatics.
  • Our main interest is to increase the efficiency of research in high-tech areas and to develop new materials.
  • The subject of our „Technology” is considered as a sophisticated unique tool allowing to accelerate the R + D in various areas of materials research.
  • Our tool can also be used for solving various optimization tasks.

    What our methodology is?
  1. Our methodology can be described as a complex informartic platform aimed to accelerate and improve the efficiency (time and money) of R + D in materials research.
  2. Our method can also be used to optimize complex multi-variant and/or multi-dimensional systems.
  3. It is a concerted action of an optimization algorithm, data mining and visualization tools.
  4. Our method and approach is strongly related to high-throughput and combinatorial experimentation.